Lithuania dating culture

06-Mar-2016 05:53

The National Museum of Lithuania is the largest depository of Lithuanian historical cultural heritage in the country.It is the oldest museum in Lithuania, dating back to 1855, when the Museum of Antiquities was established in Vilnius.Below, to help guard you against surprise, misfortune or embarrassment, we've compiled a list of interesting customs and superstitions you may encounter while in Lithuania.Interestingly, this list was compiled entirely from the cooperation of several young people - further evidence that these practices are very much alive.If you think there is anything additional we should include, please let us know...

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Mindaugas is the first, and the last, Lithuanian King. Mindaugas united Lithuania’s lands into a state and won international recognition of Lithuania.Authentic exhibits help to recall the history of Lithuania and its national culture and customs.The authentic displays of the Museum represent the history of Lithuania, present traditional Lithuanian culture, and customs. There is a funicular from the closed courtyard of this Museum to Gediminas Hill.An appropriate gift is a bottle of Krupnika, traditional Lithuanian honey liquor.

Upon any extended visit to Lithuania, particularly to the villages and countryside, many strange customs and beliefs may invariably present themselves.

These endearing traditions, passed down over generations, reveal the playful, creative spirit of the people.