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30-Oct-2016 16:51

The one that sticks out was our love for food and the things we did to acquire it.

I would pinch a can of KOO Baked Beans from my Mum’s cupboard, another friend an onion from his, and the other friend’s tomatoes, chilies, oil, salt and chilli powder from their homes.

It was revealed that the brunette stunner is a total foodie, who dabbles in fashion modeling while also serving as a spokesmodel!

You could win R10 000 and the chance to be on the entertaining Expresso Morning Show.

Plus if you’re a chef or student at a culinary school or restaurant you could also win culinary equipment valued at R20 000 for your establishment. I remember when my friends and I were youngsters; we would get into a lot of mischief-making.

Read More My Best and favourite KOO Memory is when I was about 10 years old. She would get my sisters and me to open many KOO tins for the variety of food and salad with an old style opener.

I can still remember how sore our fingers were, but when the food was done my whole family could not resist the smell of food and shout out loud: “It’s KOO all the way! She added them into my Dad’s pudding custard, and to my surprise he ate it all except the pudding, saying it’s too sweet for him to finish.

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Read More I remember in 1996 my dad was very sick, he couldn't eat anything. I was raised by a woman who trusted KOO for years and today I also trust KOO.Read More My best memory was the day I got back from honeymoon - and I had to make supper for my husband.

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For devotees of the sport, it probably does not—we watch the play in all of its glorious detail, and we'll keep watching no matter what it becomes—but for those who give it a passing glance (the very demographic that, in the USA at least, will, or won't, put hockey over the top, or at least beyond the mighty five or six dominant mainstream sports), you wonder how many eyeballs have cruised across the game without being drawn to the sight of two sanguine men slugging away at each other, eyes pinched during contact and hair greased in sweat hanging down their necks. Tie Domi, Bob Propert, Marty Mc Sorley, Donald Brashear, Tony Twist, Ogie Ogilthorpe, the Hansons, Eddie Shore, Gilles Bilodeau, Felix Batterinski, and dirty Steve Durbano, who died destitute in Yellowknife—for all of their ice crimes (in the case of Batterinski, it was a fictional life), they were enormous cultural figures in the wild and complex narrative of the game.… continue reading »

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