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26-May-2016 14:26

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(They’re coming out in a slow trickle, but better slow than nothing.) The series is the one centering around three late-thirties friends... Here’s a sneak peek at the new weekend drama My Love, Madame Butterfly set to premiere this Saturday.

How’s that for an eye-catching title: Mom Needs a Man, a drama adapted from a novel that’s in the works for JTBC. Yeom Jung-ah (Royal Family) stars as Nam Nabi [nabi = butterfly, hence the puntastic title], a has-been diva actress who still has the ‘tude, but not so much the...

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The producers are enough to make this one worth keeping an eye out for, as...

Romance drama Could We Love, the loose follow-up drama to JTBC’s Could We Marry, is gearing up production for its premiere next month and is starting to release stills from its early shoots.

So Yeon and Sang Woo started developing feelings for each other on the sets of Happy Home.

As per an insider quote, the actors became engrossed in each other in the middle of the series, and began dating by the end of the show.

She relayed: "Sung Woo oppa is a very honest person. With just over a week until the drama premieres, here are more stills and a teaser from JTBC’s upcoming drama Could We Love, the “rom-com for thirty- and fortysomethings” series from the producers of the well-received Could We Get Married.