Kenya adult sex hookups

18-Feb-2015 22:45

Silicon Valley has come alive to this fact and in the last few years mobile apps meant to ease soliciting for sex have been the in thing. Facebook was initially a tool for college students to access photos of fellow students and rate them according to appeal, and since most students rated photos of the opposite sex, Facebook basically started as a sex fantasy forum but after not so many years, it has been able to help numerous business around the world expand and grow.In mid last month, Bill Gates said that it is OK if half of Silicon Valley Startups are silly – that even though the bright brains behind the Startups do not major in coming up with solutions to sort out real world problems liking finding a cure to cancer, their involvement in selling sexting apps is still worth the investment. Facebook has enabled others run fund raising campaigns for cancer treatments and even fight hunger in remote places.To venture into the sex industry, Facebook wants to start it low.Is Facebook likely to introduce that feature on its mobile apps? You know privacy outcries has prevented Facebook from rolling out a number of products it could have liked to roll out including those that allow strangers to hook up without stress.But the introduction of the match-making apps like Tinder is making Facebook have second thoughts to rolling these features out.Tech companies have not been blind to this and that’s why at the dawn of Internet and the world wide web there have been numerous “adult only” dating sites, porn sites, and match making websites all centered towards sex.The entertainment industry has not been blind to this either. And our new privacy filter allows you to easily hide your true identity while still displaying your "physical" qualities.

Hollywood blockbusters like 12 Years a Slave, Wolf of Wall Street etc must feature vivid sex scenes to be popular.If a musician doesn’t have sex scenes in his/her video, gospel or otherwise, the music won’t sell – apparently.For instance you are in a restaurant waiting to be served but in the meantime you kill time by browsing through your your FB.You look up and notice this hot chic/dude seated over there , and you are sure s/he is on FB too, then you visit the Nearby People on Facebook, you get to check their profile out, and swipe them right as you would do on Tinder to express “I like you”.

In the past few years there have been a lot of outright sex soliciting apps going mainstream including the now infamous Tinder. Tinder extracts users’ information from Facebook, including the profile photos even though it allows users to rewrite their brief bio info.As explained here, Tinder extracts a user’s information from Facebook and allows two users mostly of the opposite sex who are within 100Kms of each other to find one another and if they two coincidentally like each other, they can start a conversation most of which lead to sex. What if Facebook just took away the “match-making” crown from Tinder to allow users who are near each other to also “see if they like one another” and get connected?

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