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“Kazaam is a textbook example of a filmed deal,” Ebert wrote, “in which adults assemble a package that reflects their own interests and try to sell it to kids.”From a distance, this is an easy (and perhaps logical) conclusion to draw.

That Kazaam must have been a movie written, produced and directed without vision or heart.

But what Max seems to want more than anything is a relationship with his estranged father…Tagline: He’s A Rappin’ Genie With An Attitude… In 1996, famed film critic Gene Siskel named Kazaam as one of his least favorite movies of the year.

And although it didn’t crack Roger Ebert’s “Least Favorite” list, Siskel on-screen cohort wasn’t much more enthusiastic.

So, you know, a lot of times when I’d go out at night there would be guys my age who would stare at me. I’m thinking it’s because of my tattoos and some of my gang stuff, but then he struts over, comes right up to me and asks, “Hey, were you in the kid in Kazaam? CUT TO: Several years earlier…In June of 1975, two months after Starsky & Hutch debuted on television, one of the show’s stars—Paul Michael Glaser—decided to go for a drive.

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But amazingly (as well as strangely and beautifully), that overabundance helped save the soul of a very talented man.Here’s what happened, as told by those who made it happen…Francis Capra: I have a lot of tattoos, and I went through this real big chip-on-my-shoulder phase of my life where I tried to act like a real macho guy.You can listen to the Kazaam edition of the HDTGM podcast here.Synopsis: After finding a boom box that happens to contain a magic lamp, Max (Francis Capra) awakens a rapping genie named Kazaam (Shaquille O’Neal) who offers to change the young boy’s life by granting three wishes.

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(Aladdin + Live Action) x Shaq = How Did This Get Made?

From a distance, it might be easy to conclude that Kazaam must have been written, produced and directed without vision or heart.