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10-Nov-2014 18:05

I focus on transmitting real, practical, applicable skills to all of my students, in order to get them playing real music with groove, feel, and musicality.

When I was a young player, I was hungry to play jazz, and in particular walking bass lines.

When your wedding day arrives, we will have gotten to know you both and will be able to share with your guests what marriage and commitment mean to you.

Your wedding day will be a unique reflection of your relationship and commitment to each other.

I make my living playing upright and electric bass in Los Angeles and around the world.I read, play all styles of music, have great equipment, and most importantly, I play simple, rock solid bass lines.We will try to make the wedding process as low stress as we can; you have enough on your plate right now.Through these discussions, we will help you shape a wedding that reflects your personalities.

It took me a long time to find someone who was able to explain to me, from a technical standpoint, how you created the sound of “jazz licks,” and how you improvised …

We have three rabbis on our team ready to help you create an unforgettable wedding that is fun, celebratory and most importantly, you!