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The weekend in Parsippany was highly structured, something Goldman said a team of 30 people worked hard on and voted on together.

Last year’s was held at Camp Moshava in Honesdale, Pa.; this year, the location is still being determined.

Many participants have attended Jewish singles weekends before, those organized both by Saw You At Sinai and by other organizations like End the Madness, a dating organization for Orthodox Jews; Gateways, which organizes Jewish educational retreats; and Flakey Jake, which offers weekends for the Modern Orthodox crowd.

Shabbat Nachamu marks the beginning of the days of repentance and redemption leading up to Rosh Hashana.

It is considered a joyful day and a particularly auspicious time for matchmaking because it falls during the same week as Tu B’ Av, a traditional matchmaking festival that had all but disappeared but is now enjoying a renaissance.“ People came to us,” said Goldman.

“ Other Shabbos Nachamu events out there tend to cater to a more liberal crowd.

There was no one catering to a more mahmir [religiously stringent] crowd, and they asked us if we could do it. The marketplace dictated this to us, rather than the other way around.”(“ Saw You At Sinai” takes its name from a midrash, or rabbinic commentary, that teaches that every Jewish soul stood at Sinai with his or her soulmate at the giving of the Torah; when men or women find their bashert, or intended one, it is regarded as akin to a spiritual reunion.)The organization also offers Labor Day “back to camp” weekends geared to anyone along the Orthodox spectrum.

” on Saturday night at a melave malka in the hotel’s junior ballroom.

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The first Shabbat Nachamu weekend was held last year in response to requests from Saw You At Sinai clients.

Shabbat Nachamu, literally “ Sabbath of Comfort,” takes its name from the opening words of consolation found in the haftara read on the Shabbat following the fast day of Tisha B’ Av.

Moshe Fein and Shani Feld found love at the Sheraton Parsippany.

“ We came separately, but we’re leaving together,” said Feld, glowing, after a competitive round of “ Finish That Quote!

4-6 for the second annual Shabbat Nachamu Shabbaton organized by Saw You At — a matchmaking Web site for religiously observant singles.

The site, which was launched in December 2003 by Marc Goldman, has 16,000 registered users, 300 matchmakers, and 135 marriages to its credit.