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Deed of trust, called an indenture, between Cadwallader Lewis and Julius C. Lewis, for ,600, loaned by Messer Wright Williams and Co. Bill of sale, Onezin Favre to CL de Britton for 0, for following slaves: Madeline, Negro woman about 28, and her two children, Mary Ann about 2 years 8 months, and Silvester about 8 months. Deed - Asa Russ, for , deeds to Cader Colley, land described as part of section 9, T9, R14. to Old Pearl Town tract, which was 1000 arpents granted to Simon Favre. Deed by Mary Parrish [also spelled Parache] for one dollar paid by Mary Guedon Gleises of Mobile, land bounded by John Lafito, the Bay, Frances Stephens Freemond [Fremaux? Deed Louis Glaises of Shieldsborough and wife Madam Marie G., for 0 paid by Elazar W. Lafiteau, DF Guex, Alibert and others who purchased from Guex, having 672 feet front on Bay by 40 arpents, being part of land claim of Mary Parrache [Parish]. Lafiteau, DF Guex, present grantor and the Bay, having 394 feet on Bay and extending back 40 arpents, being part of claim given by Congress to Mary Perrache. Deed by Clarisse Lafiteaux for 0 paid by John O’Brien of New Orleans for land in Shieldsborough bounded by Emilie O’Brien, DF Guex, John Defour, and the Bay, having ½ arpent front by 40 arpents deep, being part of grant to Mary Perrache by US, sold by her to Joseph Sibillot, and by him to John Lafiteaux. ], vendor, and the Bay, having 42 feet by 282 feet. and Alexander Bookter, for land in Shieldsborough bounded by Auguste Trigouet, Joseph Salila, and the Bay, measuring 48 by 282 feet. of New Orleans, and further, for paid by Monet, convey to Monet property both real and personal, lot on west shore of the Bay incorporate limits of Shieldsborough bounded by land of Rose Marti, Felix Grima, and Bouquie, having 130 feet front on Bay by 120 depth and 192 feet width and going back 40 arpents. Sones for Hancock County, with notation, “re-record, the original record having been burned on the 6th of August AD 1853.” Mortgage, Lewis to Wright, an indenture dated 1-15-1850, for ,500 received by Lewis from Wright Williams and Co. Details include high water mark in marsh, a live oak tree, and a light wood stump, whole measuring 150 yards by 80 yards. Recorded by Hancock County on “the 240th day of July 1854.” [Editor’s note: This 16th section was what is known as lieu land, dedicated to school purposes. A similar case is the 16th section now occupied by Buccaneer Park.] Deed by Francois Ploux for 0 paid by James O. Also sold were numbered blocks each containing 10 lots. ], and public lands, having 3 ½ arpents front by 40 arpents, being same as sold to Mary Gleises, then Toulme, by my father and mother as per deed of 6-24-1812. Ripley, a major general of the US army, land fronting of the Bay measuring 3 ½ arpents by depth of 40 arpents bounded on N by Madame Lelitots [Lafito? Lafon of New Orleans on 5-5-14, having 140 arpents. Signed by Clarisse Lafiteaux with her mark on 4-27-50. Deed by George Robinson, Sheriff, by writ of court to sell goods and chattels of Charles St. Signed by Lenfant and wife Victorine, who signed femme Lenfant on 8-12-54. Included are houses, outhouses, and whatever buildings, being known as the Bay of St. The same had been conveyed Francois Marcadel to Lewis by deed dated 2-13-1849. Reference made to land conveyed to Russ by Colley and Russ’s right to raise the water level one foot above the high water mark about 150 yards from the stump. Deed from Francois Estapa of Mobile for 0 to Joseph Bruneau of New Orleans, land in Shieldsborough bounded by Gabriel De Feriet and Colbertson, heirs of Francis Fremaux, Joseph Bruneau, and the Bay. Lease by Thomas Brown, Pres., and NL Mitchell, Secty., of commission to establish system of common schools, for 99 years, sec. Vandervelde of Natchez, for same land as described on p. Signed by Ploux and wife Coralie Lafontaine on 7-21-54. ], S by Madam Peraches [Parish], W by Bousden [Boisdore? Same was conveyed by Madam Glaises to Ripley as it was owned before her marriage. Martin sufficient to pay 33 to satisfy Commercial Bank of Natchez for non-performance by St. Levy was made on land in Shieldsborough bounded by Pere Campbell, Pray, public land and the Bay, having 60 feet front by 40 arpents, together with buildings and improvements. Deed by Victor Ladner for paid by Claude Joseph Vuillumet [sp? Deed by WH Rondeau of New Orleans for 0 paid by Charles Patterson, for lands in Gainesville, being lots 63-66, square J as per plat of town, bounded by Union, Smyth, and Main Streets. There follows a list of slaves included in sale by name [woman of 30, girls of 12, 6, and 2, and boys 10 and 8, and husband and wife 30 and 28. [Very confusing; see actual deed.] Russ signed on 3-8-1853. Deed in which Justine Louis Sollie of New Orleans sells for ,600 Ernest Coignard, also of New Orleans, land in corporate limits of Shieldsborogh, bounded by AE Bienvenu, John Hopkins, John B. Deed, Ernest Corgnard of New Orleans for ,600 paid by Miss Leocadia Brouit, also of New Orleans, land in corporate limits of Shieldsboro bounded by AE Bienvenue, etc. Measures 80 feet front by 1,980, designated lot 16 on plat by Monet. Deed by Gedorge L’hote of New Orleans for 0 paid by Pierre Hesser [could be Heper]. Deed by Henry Dillard for judgment of 6 “in favor of the three per cent fund” (belonging to the counties of Hancock and Harrison) and 4 paid by Leonard Kimball, parcel bounded by Amos Lott, and public lands on three sides, being part sections 11 and 12, T6 R18, being 400 arpents. Deed by George Klinck for 0 paid by Paul Chassin for land in Shieldsborough, bounded by a street 40 feet wide, to another street 10 feet wide, next to land of Pepin and present seller. Product to be divided between Nicholas and Nathaniel seems to be a lease, balance of which 8 years remained of 10, being leased to the Swansborough [sp? ], land fronting on Gulf having ½ arpent, bounded by Louis Fayard, the seller, the Bay and public land. Toulme of 1st part and Celine Douce, wife of Beverly, of 2nd part. land in Shieldsborough having 94 feet front by 40 arpents, bounded by AT Pickrell and public lands, including buildings; 2. Signed by Rondeau and joined by wife Ann for one dollar on 6-16-54. Deed by James Murphy and wife of 1st part (the sellers) and Nat Mitchell, James Mitchell, Willis Harvey and Joseph Bates of the 2nd part, being the purchasers of the “Pearl Town tract on which the town of Napoleon is situated,” through verbal agreement should allow Murphy to reserve whole of block 14 containing 250 feet square, bounded by Main, Pine, St. Sale is said to have been made to Mitchell for 0, without explanation of why other parties are named in 2nd part. Deed by Elihu Carver, Sr., for 5 paid by Euphrosine Nicaise for land in vicinity of Bay of St. Favre, and the Bay, measuring one acre by 40 arpents. Land in Shieldsborough bounded by 18-foot wide street between land of Mr. Signed by Klinck and wife Mary (with her mark) on 7-12-50. Assignment by John Hoffman of New Orleans of recovery in Circuit Court against Carl Blanck in amount of 6 for non-performance. Deed - Heirs of Penelope Stewart, named Cage, Stewart, and Hamilton, some of Wilkinson County, for 00 paid by Samuel J. ] Turpentine Farm lying in the Grand Plain Bayou, having 20 hundred and 40 acres beginning 11-4-57 at rate of per year. Signed by Ladner with his mark and joined by wife Norine, on 6-3-42. Deed by Victor Ladner and wife Norine for 0 paid by Magdalline Vuillermet for land on N shore of Lake Borgne at corner of land of Vuillermet one arpent along the shore to land of George Robinson, then 30 arpents to US land, having 30 superficial acres. Deed by Felix Maxent fo New Orleans, executor of will of Zenon Cavelier of same city, by court order to sell real property at auction, did sell land which had been part of claim of Madam Charlo, in Shieldsborough, bounded by Felix Grima, Bouquie, John B. Beverly, indebted to wife for 00, secured to her property sufficient to cover debt. Two slave children called servants, Rose about 10 and Lucinda age 5, referring to first as black and the younger as mulatto, specifying they were slaves for life; 2. Toulme lot having 100 feet front on the sea, bounded by Bernard Bourgeois on north and having depth of 930 feet; also lots 13, 14, 17, 19 of survey by Monet on 8-21-49; also half of section 9, T9 R14 containing 80 acres; also Negro save boy 19, named Anthony, slave for life. [Section 9 is interior land, just north of Buccaneer Park.] Deed - Indenture made 6-8-54 between Mistress Amelia Fontanelle Lockett, widow of Henry Lockett, of 1st part, and Addison T. Louis on Bayou Galene [Galere], section 26, T8 R14, of 16o acres bounded by Hopkins, public lands and Toulme. 7, below], and two islands, called Pea Island and Long Island. [NB: this is land that later was known as Clifton Plantation, and was sold to Andrew Jackson, Jr.] Final decree in case of Lewis Daniells vs. Simonds, also of New Orleans, for 0, for lot of 100 feet front on bay by 1350 feet. Simonds of New Orleans and John Viade of Jefferson Parish LA for 00, to be made in several payments @ 5%, for land with improvements measuring 100 feet front on Bay with depth of 1350 feet. It spells out terms of months of use, profits and how split, and who may sell. Mc Mullin, bounded by Front St., Auguste Lafito, late deceased, Arsene Sorbet, Willis Arnold and George Hale. Following above is document in which Sarah Pray acknowledges debt to Otis Oliver for 3; signed by her on 9-21-54. Deed by Peter Morin and wife Indice for paid by Francois Quave, land being east bank of Benashwa River, being part of sec. “He is free from any encumbrance and from any maladies.” Signed by Ladner and wife Helen with their marks on 9-848. Deed by Peter Morin, heir at law of Peter Morin, dec., empowered by Probate Court, to sell at auction land on or near Jourdan River, for 1 paid by Francois Quave, being part of section 34, T7 R14 of 320 acres. Deed made on 8-16-52 between Victor Ladner, administrator of goods and chattels of Gilbert Ladner, dec., as result of order by probate court to sell 80 acres being part of sec. Signed by Victor Ladner with his mark, on date above. Monet for 00 paid by Guillaum Macoullard, for land in Shieldsborough bounded by Pray, the Bay, Salle, and Bougiese [probably Bouquie], having 58 feet front by 40 arpents. [No location indicated.] Signed by Nixon on 9-11-40. Deed by Elihu Carver, Sr., for 80 paid by PRR Pray land in Shieldsborough bounded by John Joseph Jourdan, John Baptiste Toulme, the Bay, and lands of the US, the same as purchased by seller from Louis S. Signed by Carver on 9-7-29; joined by wife Justine for one dollar. Deed by LR Adams and LC Adams of New Orleans for 00 paid by PRR Pray for land in Shieldsborough 192 feet front bounded by Monet on S, by buyer on S, being part of claim given by Congress to Madam Charlo, and the same as was purchased of Pray in 1838. Andrew Murphy and wife and other unknown heirs of Louis Boisdore, deceased. Lot in number 15 on survey by JC Monet made August 21, 1849. Previously sold to Beverly by Bernard Bourgeois on August 28, 1848. Half of mill to be reserved for Peoples for 6 months for 0. Mortgage by Bernard Bourgois and wife Elizabeth for 5 paid by Catharine Diers, for land on Bay bounded by vendor, having 130 feet front by 1200 feet, including house had built for Charles Fagot. Signed by Adams and Adams, and joined by wives Eliza Downing and Armantine Conscelle on 9-3-39. Nicaise for 00 paid by PRR Pray for land at the Bay bounded on S by Joseph and Martial Nicaise, on W by public lands, on N by John B.

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(Use Ctrl+F to search for a specific name or page.) Heirs of Don Louis Boisdore of New Orleans to Lewis Daniells for ,690, land on Mulatto Bayou. Full description of land, plus as bordering land of Francois Saucier, plus marsh lands in sections 2, 3, 35 and 36 [T and R not apparent, later identified as T9, R16, in suit on p. Deed later deposited with Sones, clerk of probate, as re-recording on June 28, 1853; he noted that it original was burned on morning of April 1, 1853. Deed, called an “Indenture,” made on March 15, 1853, between Lewis E. Agreement between GW Peoples and Robert Montgomery of Madison County, about circular saw mill on bank of East Pearl at the mouth of Waste house Bayou in Louisiana. Signed on 8-3-35 by Peter and Judice Morin with their marks. Bill of sale - Bazel Ladner sells one Negro boy named Elic age about 27 for 0. Ives formerly lived but now is in possession of Mary Stovall. Deed (indenture) between Mary Stovall and Daugherty Gause on 10-3-51 for 0 for land in Napoleon described in above deed. Deed by Auguste Scherger for 0 paid by Guillaume Macoullard for land in Shieldsborough bounded by Pericoli and Winberger and beach road [dimensions unclear]. Isabella Sheriff is listed as new owner, and she was given receipt of money as bid by Hursey. Neoma Lenore 50 feet, and south and east by seller. Valery Nicholas of New Orleans appears as agent, substitute for Noel Jourdan. Marquer for 0, parcel on west bank of the Bay in corporate limits of Shieldsborough, bounded by lands owned by Caron, Samuel White, and Bay on east, measuring 60 feet front and running to “the Center of the first branch of the rear.” Signed by Caron and wife Ursule with their marks, on March 19, 1853. Signed by Frazar on 2-10-46; joined by wife Jane M. Caskin, regarding land in Napoleon of 38 acres, beginning at corner of fence at a garden and near the oil press, including place on which Thomas B. Hursey, who was best bidder, for lots 4 and in square 3, and part square 5 in Pearlington according to plat of town; also part of Thomas Colbert claim for 640 acres on or near Pearl River. Deed by Rebecca Nixon for one dollar paid by Amanda Howard for tract described as follows: on N by land of seller 100 feet, on W Mrs. Judge declares for plaintiff, reciting history of Boisdore’s Spanish claim to large tract between Shieldsboro and Pearl River dating back to Sept. Henderson had been appointed commissioner by judge in above case to draw up valid deed for Daniell [here spelled without s at end]. Mortgage 40 paid to Marguerite Angelique Pericoli by Armand Pepin of New Orleans. Signed by Montgomery and Peoples, and witnessed by Mary Favre with her mark on June 30, 1853. Signed on 10-23-54 by Bourgois; wife Elizabeth joined with her mark. Acknowledged for Louisiana by PK Lawrence, Judge of US for eastern district of LA. Lardass as confirmed by land office in Augusta, and E by the Bay, having 20 arpents front by 40 arpents deep, containing 800 arpents and being same as confirmed to Madam Charlo. Deed by John Lafontaine and Celeste, his wife, for 00 paid by PRR Pray for land [same as in above deeds]. 14, 1824, which claim was reduced to 1,280 acres by US Supreme Court in 1850. Described as “the plantation residence and improvements of said Lewis Daniell,” it is clearly delineated, beginning at stake at Mulatto Bayou in section 34, T9, R16, being the s/w corner of the Francois Saucier survey, and running to the dividing line between sections 2 and 3, T10 R16. Property is on west bank of Bay, in Shieldsborough, bounded by Monet, Macoullard, Bouquie and Salles. Bill of Sale, reciting that Henry and Mary Jarrell for 0 sold to William Jarrell one slave, “a certain negro boy by the name of Lewis about 13 years old.” Dated October 16, 1852. Deed, by which Cecilius Mitchell and wife Caroline for 0 paid by Christophal C. Deed dated 10-23-54 between Daugherty Gause, administrator of Goods and chattels of John William Gause, dec., by order of Probate Court, did sell land on Pearl River of 748 acres, in two parts. 27 and 34, T3 R18; also, several smaller parts in same Township and Range. Signed by John Nicaise on 6-20-35; joined by wife Mary with her mark. Deed by Zine Nicaise for 00 paid by PRR Pray, for land at Bay bounded on S by Joseph and Martail Nicaise, on W by public lands, on N by Joseph Lardass and confirmed by land office at Augusta, and on E by the Bay, having 20 arpents front by 40 arpents, containing 800 arpents , same as confirmed by US to Madam Charlo by land commissioners of US. Signed by John and Celeste Lafontaine with their marks on 6-22-35. Deed by Charles and Euphrosine Nicaise for 00 paid by PRR Pray for land [same as above]. Deed by John Henderson for 50 paid by Stephen Mead the undivided half of parts of section 25, T7 R14 with sawmill and other improvements, being same as formerly belonging to John Ioor situated on Ravine Clear in Hancock County.

Complicated description follows, placing land at or near sections 10-11 and 2-3, T9R14. On 6-17-1836, Victor had county acknowledge by appearing before Billiot, JP, who stated that Norine was examined separately. Separate entry by Ainsworth, as commissioner of Ms deeds for Louisiana on 1-24-50. This is followed by Hancock county acceptance by James Johnston, JP, mentioning the appearance of all three signees, and adding that Margaret Lewis, “separately and apart from her husband…acknowledged that she signed, sealed and delivered the foregoing deed as her act and deed, freely and voluntarily without any fear, threat or compulsion of her husband….” Dated 5-27-1853. Document recites a number of actions by named agents and notaries, some in New Orleans, having to do with purchase by Wright for ,500, of which there is a balance of ,500 with interest @ 8% accrued as of 1-13-49. Land bounded by Greenwich, Main, Union and Center streets. Deed in which Charles Frazar sells for 0 to RGW Jewell land on corner of Center and Pearl Sts, bounded by land of William Hutchinson and Jewell property, measuring 50 feet on Center by 125 on Pearl. Mortgage, James Jones indebted to William Anderson, 5 in five promissory notes dated 7-1853. Landier, administrator of goods and chattels of David F.

Norine signed document, and Victor’s signature was after hers, which is reverse of usual. Above certified with Hancock County clerk, John Brush, on 8-6-1853. Accepted by Hancock’s clerk Sones as re-record on 1-25-1853, with notation about fire on 8-6-1853. Wright of Wright Williams & Co., called indenture made on 5-27-1850. This is another indenture which apparently specifies that Lewis was indebted to wife, Marguerit Lewis, requiring new deed describing in detail same property as in above deed. Deed called indenture dated June 2, 1853 between Francisco Mercadel and Magdaline, wife, and Hamilton M. Agreement made by Jones to sell two slaves, Lewis age 21 and Sam about 45, giving Anderson in case of failure of Jones to pay right to “take possession of said Negroes after giving 60 days notice at the courthouse at Gainesville and two or more other public places.” Signed by Jones July 4, 1853; wife Susan Jones concurred. Deed by “Thornton Lawson, Elizabeth, Lee, Allen, Ripley, his wife of the Parrish of East Feliciana, for 0 paid by Eugene Lasere of New Orleans, land in Shieldsborough having 3 ½ arpents on the Bay by 40 arpents…” (This is same land as above deed; it clears up the name of Boisdore land as being one of bounding neighbors.) Signed by T. Accepted by state of LA by commissioner for MS deeds on 11-6-48. Deed by Eugene Lasere of New Orleans for 0 paid by Emile Lasere of same city, for land in Shieldsborough bounded by Mrs. Deed by Emile Lasere of New Orleans, for love and affection, to sister Emilie, wife of John O’Brien of said city, land in Shieldsborough, bounded by Mrs. Sturges to wife Anna, asking that if she agree, to sell to Manuel Munice their Bay lot and buildings and wharf for 00. Deed by Anna Sturges of New Orleans for 00 paid by Manuel Munice, she sells, with consent of husband John, land in Shieldsborough bounded by Fileran Campbell, Bouquie, James E. Charlo, having 60 feet front on the Bay by 40 arpents, being same land levied upon in court case involving Charles St. Signed first by Anna Sturges, and then by husband JH Sturges, on 6-23-49. Deed by Elihu Carver for 0 paid by Jean Lenfant, for land in Shieldsborough bounded by Auguste Trigouet [sp? Deed by Jean Lenfant of New Orleans for 0 paid jointly by Elihu Carver Jr.