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25-Aug-2015 01:18

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I don’t think I would only because my mom would probably kill me.

She would probably kill me if I did anything like that.

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I give many props to those who have the courage or the comfort to do it.Some people had insecurities going into the show and left without them because they started to feel more confident in their skin and I thought that was a beautiful thing.We spoke to Diaz all about the new gig and who she would love to be on the show with her. It was a dream come to even be able to be there and surrounded by so music. Our cast this season is really diverse they come in all shapes in sizes you can take that how you want to. I grew up in a very strict Spanish and Catholic household.Make sure to check out the season 3 premiere tonight at 9 p.m. RELATED: The 20 Best Latino TV Hosts Can you talk about your experience hosting ? I would die before I would say even say the word naked.

I don’t know, these are the questions that get you in trouble.

[Laughs] I would have Jennifer Lopez be on a island with me.