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10-Mar-2015 13:07

Tomlin co-stars in the Netflix comedy alongside Jane Fonda, playing 70-year-old women whose husbands fall in love.

"There’s a lot of older people, but the show has a huge young audience.

' I didn’t want to hear anything because I was afraid it would derail me." When the conversation turned to sexism within Hollywood, Tomlin stated bluntly, "Back in the earlier days there were very few women who would have the balls that you girls do," addressing her younger Roundtable counterparts such as 's Ilana Glazer.

"You’re out of sight, really." Tomlin recounted stories of sexism earlier on in her career, saying, "I did my first special and I got a huge rating. And so I said, ' I’ll do another show, but I don’t want a partner.' They said, ' Well, you’ve got to have somebody that we can talk to.' This is how bad it was." She continued, "I went and I talked to every top producer in the variety business, from Norman Lear to Grant Tinker.

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And I was going along, doing the show and preparing sketches and stuff, and then I watched something that I wasn’t in, and I was going to sit there and watch it and comment on it, and Grant said to me, ' You go on home.Jeffree Star Cosmetics just revealed their summer line, which includes five Velour Liquid Lipsticks.