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1305 she had inherited Monferrato from her brother and the following year she passed the title to her second son, Theodore, who spend the rest of his life in Italy. Daughter of Mahaut de Tonnerre and Duke Eudes de Bourgogne.

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They grew further apart when her husband married their five-year-old daughter to King Simonis Milutin of Serbia who were in his 50s and forced their oldest son to marry the daughter of his closest advisor even though she was of low nobility.King of Sicilia (1265), Titular King of Jerusalem (1267) and King of Napoli and Jerusalem (1265), she lived (1249-1308). had been politically influential 1303-05 during the reign of her husband, Vclav II of Bohemia, Hungary and Poland, and regent from August till October, when she married Rudolf III of Austria, who was titular king of Bohemia, Hungary and Poland until his death one year later, but in reality Hungary and Bohemia was in an interregnum.