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Winston Okay as you said i have removed client class which had no purpose here..

Empty()) { return messages.remove(0); } else return null; } public synchronized void add(Object o){ // add into Array List messages.add((Message) o); } public synchronized boolean is Empty (){ // check whether list is empty or not return Empty(); } } class Message { private New Client client; private String text; public Message(New Client aclient, String atext){ client = aclient; text = atext; } public String get Written Text(){ // get the text written by client return text; } public String get Text(){ // return clientname along with his message //println("inside get message :"+text); return Client Name()+ ": " + text; } public boolean sender Equals(New Client aclient){ // check for sender client return client.equals(aclient); } public String to String(){ String result = client + "Text: " + text; return result; } } /* * transmit message to all clients those are in Client List */ class Message Transmit implements Runnable { private Message List mess List; private Client List client List; Message Transmit(Message List message List, Client List aclient List){ mess List = message List; client List = aclient List; Thread t = new Thread(this); t.start(); } public void run(){ //every time take first message from Message List while(true) { Message message = (Message)mess List.remove First(); if(message! Okay as you said i have removed client class which had no purpose here..

Closed()) // until server is open { try { get Connection(); // check for any new connection from clients } catch(IOException e) { println("IOException throws"); } } } } /* list of all clients */ class Client List { private Array List(); } public synchronized New Client remove First(){ // remove client return clients.remove(0); } public synchronized void add(Object o){ // add client clients.add((New Client)o); } public synchronized boolean is Empty (){ // check whether list is empty or not return Empty(); } public synchronized void remove(New Client aclient){ // remove specific client if(clients.contains(aclient)) clients.remove(aclient); } synchronized void transmit Message(Message message){ // transmit message to all other clients for(New Client client : clients) { if(! message.sender Equals(client)) { Message(Text()); } } else { clients.remove(client); } } } } /* stoored all messages come from client */ class Message List { private Array List(); } public synchronized Message remove First(){ // remove first message from Array List if(! Please re-read the Use Code Tags page thoroughly before you post new code or edit this. my question is how do i modify this program to have just two people chatting among themselves?

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, so you could just extend it), and doesn't allow any more elements to be added after that.

Then, your "single" chat just applies a limit of 1 (or 2, depending on how it's used) to the Client List.

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