09-Sep-2015 01:05

Want to delve into the Criterion Collection but don’t know where to start?

We’ve just introduced some changes that make sifting through the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus a lot less daunting.

After college, I moved to Seattle, and some movie buffs I met there introduced me to a video store called Scarecrow Video.

This was unlike any video store I’d ever encountered.

You can find these as you watch a film, and they include some fantastic highlights, including: We’ll continue to roll out supplements as quickly as we can digitize them.

We think these updates will enhance your experience as you enjoy the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus. My earliest movie exposure was heavily influenced by what my father could find at the local video store.

He’d stop there on the way home from work and pick out one of new releases from the display of empty video boxes that lined the outer walls of the store.And so my early love of movies grew largely from a diet of American Hollywood blockbusters because that’s what dominated the most coveted merchandising space at our local video stores.Some brand new features will help you discover new films to love as we continue to additional titles from Criterion — more than 100 since launching the section in February, nearly all of which stream exclusively on Hulu Plus, with many others to come in coming weeks.Since Criterion has compiled so many great works by the world’s greatest filmmakers, we’ve added new functionality that allows you to sort by director. It’s “400 Blows,” and you can find that out under the First Films section in Themes.


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So now you can devote an entire weekend to watching 10 Charlie Chaplin films from just one page. We’ve grouped together titles into categories such as Oscar winners, documentaries, and titles from independent American filmmakers.Additionally, we’ve begun adding supplemental videos from the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus.

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