Japanese interracial dating

20-May-2015 11:52

If you’re interested on how to meet men in Japan, check out this post: How to Get a Japanese Boyfriend: Where to Meet Guys in Japan.Anyone who has spent time in Japan can tell you that, of the interracial couples you find on the street, a disproportionately large number of them are non-Asian men dating Japanese women.

And of course, I’m in a bikini, ready to get tan, and dying to jump in the ocean with everyone else. And later, one of the girlfriends tells her boyfriend, who relays the information to my husband, that my behavior was inappropriate (yes, this happened, and yes, I’m still kind of bitter).The little things that are “normal” for me (as an American) are not “normal” in Japan. A lot of my friends complain that it’s difficult to meet date-able (i.e. Yes, it is difficult, but no, it is not impossible.