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When it comes to television, “gay” and “anti-hero” must to go well together because this list is filled with wily schemers, heartless cads, domestic abusers, street thugs, high school bullies and yes, even a couple stone cold killers.Oh well, at least the guy who ranks #1 is an honest to goodness sweetheart. Almost every single character in the top 50 came from a show that ran in the current century. ’s Jodie Dallas who left the airwaves 32 years ago in 1981. A part of it is probably “out of sight, out of mind,” but it is also true that television overall has just vastly improved in quality since the proliferation of cable, and with that has come an explosion of a multidimensional LGBT characters.There’s just more for gay men to relate to on television these days.Soap operas might be a dying format, but they still had a surprisingly strong showing on this list, with nine characters coming from serial dramas; five from US daytime and four from as far away as the UK and Germany.This is a better showing than the last time we conducted this poll. Character ages are hard to verify, but it looks as though only a single character over the age of 40 made the Top 50.Without further ado, here are the Top 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters…The enlightened treatment Thomas receives from his employers and most of his fellow servants seems farfetched for the early 20th century, but we’ll forgive ends next year after an abbreviated six episode fifth season, and it’s such a shame because we were just starting to get to know Agent Steve Jinks.The character was introduced at the start of the third season, recruited to the warehouse for his as yet unexplained special power — he always knows when someone is lying.

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(As usual, we left the female characters to our sisters over at After Ellen.) Now, after sorting through the thirty thousand plus write-in votes, we have the results, and one thing leaps out at us: you guys certainly have a soft spot for the bad boys!

He’s also a Buddhist and gay, though we’ve rarely seen him practicing either.