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For me it was pleasant, "Dancing at the Harvest Moon" is what I would call a TV take on a Douglas Sirk style melodrama but done on a lesser budget and tighter time constraints.But it works and whilst you sort of know how things are going to play out in this May to December romance it keeps you watching with enjoyable performances from Jacqueline Bisset and Eric Mabius.It is a case that with the depth missing it leaves an interesting element which whilst entertaining you know could have been so much more.Aside from this twist on a May to December relationship the rest of "Dancing at the Harvest Moon" is shall we say typical TV Movie.But whilst often bordering on the corny it sort of works because it is sort of what you expect.

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The fleeting intro never really gels only providing a quick way for Maggie to return to the lake and the Harvest Moon and once there the beautiful surroundings are capitalised upon where ever possible.

It means that when it comes to this romantic melodrama it does border on the slushy and heavily employs soft focused, overly composed and framed romantic scenes such as when John dances with Maggie.

So you can sum up "Dancing at the Harvest Moon" as another movie which features a romance between an older woman and a younger man and as such features various elements which are typical to this scenario.

But where this is a little more interesting than the norm is that the young man, John, is the son of Maggie's first love and you have that added complexity of whether Maggie is falling in love with the handsome young man or falling in love because he reminds her of her first love.

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Unaware that Patrick passed away Maggie also discovers that the old dance venue "The Harvest Moon" has fallen into a state of disrepair, so with a loan from the bank she decides to take a sabbatical from teaching and fix the place up. Mc Kinnon's novel of the same name "Dancing at the Harvest Moon" is 100% typical of a romantic-drama which has been made as a TV movie.It brings her in touch with John Keats Fleming (Eric Mabius), Patrick's son and they start to have feelings for each other leaving Maggie trying to work out whether it is John she is falling for or that he reminds her of her first true love. That means that for some this story of a woman falling for a younger man, the son of her first true love will be pleasant and romantic whilst others will see it as weak, slushy and occasionally corny.

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