Is sugar daddy dating prostitution

04-Oct-2016 17:04

For me, it all started with an innocent bit of apartment hunting.Scrolling through online listings for only slightly bedbug-infested sublets in the Bronx last year, I noticed several offers of free room and board “for the right girl.” Wealthy, professional middle-aged men — or people pretending to be wealthy middle-aged professionals — were advertising rooms in their houses for “students” or other young women “having difficulty meeting their costs.” In exchange for free rent, an appropriately pretty and poor girl would need to offer sex, affection — and perhaps a little housework.In the loneliest corner of the internet, a man named Rian is offering a “monthly allowance” for a “sweet and caring [girl] who appreciates all I do for her.” He’s in his 30s, works in IT and earns good money — so how about ,000 dollars a month if the sex works out?He’s not looking for a “professional.” Liam wants to pay for “cuddles” and “fun” from a “hard-up” student.Call it what you like — an arrangement, a delicate excuse for sex work or modern love at its most upfront — there are hundreds of thousands of men all over the world looking for it, and as the job market explodes, more and more women are desperate enough to take them up on it.The women call themselves sugar babies; men like Rian are known as sugar daddies.It took approximately three minutes for the emails to start flooding in. Some of her suitors were rather brusque: “400 for oral, tonight.” Others bordered on the downright rude — “your tits aren’t to my taste.” A few were likely to be pimps on the hunt for vulnerable new meat, according to several sex workers I contacted.

When necessary, I sent a picture loaned by one of my prettiest and furthest-away friends, explicitly asking her for a shot in which all trace of human complexity would be hidden behind hair and sunglasses.

His fantasy, as with many of those who replied to Amy, seemed to be as much about cartoonish male protectionism as it was about dominance.

“She should be able to share fun times and expect to be treated like the lady she should be,” specified Gregory from New Jersey.

A quick Internet search revealed that Gregory, an overweight man in his 60s, has been posting plaintive little messages like this on dating websites over the past eight years.

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In the investigative spirit, I decided to reply to some of these “sugar daddies.” Using a dummy email address and the handle gigglesandsparkles86, I pretended to be a hard-up student, and painted a broad-brushstroke picture of a naive, bookish, ingenue, the sort of girl who likes kittens and bubbles and walks in the rain — and exists mostly in the imaginations of lonely men on the Internet or Zooey Deschanel sitcoms.I kept the details brief — “Amy” was 25, like me, a literature student finding it hard to make ends meet, and interested in more details about the arrangement.

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