Is speed dating worth while

12-Aug-2015 09:07

Professor Obvious speaks again on speed dating findings for women: be attractive, less ambitious and no more intelligent than your partner.But if women are the "deciders" in speed dating, there's no real gain to be had by dumbing down is there?Whether you're doing it for fun, an experiment, a good time, to meet interesting people, or to find Mr. (I know, thank you, Professor Obvious.) Still, research has some good tips to offer for the speed dating process. Women actually have more power in the speed dating arena. Well for one thing, research shows they're more selective about their dates than men. It's important for men to listen, focus on the woman's concerns in conversation and show enthusiasm. In a Stanford study, researchers found that people do develop real connections with people when speed dating and those connections are dependent on several factors.Men should be careful about asking questions that connect to what the woman is saying, avoiding random questions just to fill the space.

Show your understanding and engagement by monkey see monkey do. It's just computer rejection when your list matches (or doesn't) with theirs. For those who can't quite accept the online dating idea, speed dating is a bit of a compromise.

It's not like a traditional "friend of a friend" date, but it's also not a totally virtual "are you an axe murderer? Think about what you want to get out of the speed dating. But it never hurts to put your best foot forward, armed with a few good tips and a great pair of shoes.

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