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11-Apr-2016 00:14

So presumably this legging-wearing, stadia-filling, 80's rock star, who is Glaswegian, with 'piggy eyes', (close set eyes, a squint? I thought I was quite up to date on these things but I can't think of anyone.

Supposedly from the RS but somehow written in exactly Liz Jones style of writing.

She reproduces it in full (apart from one or two sentences that he apparently asked her to leave out when he gave permission for her to print his email.

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There have been many online discussions and obsessive quests to uncover the mystery identity of the 80's rock star that Liz Jones claims to be dating. However I believe that Liz was describing her fantasy, but that she has described and identified the lovely and talented Mr Jim Kerr as her secret rock star boyfriend and then when internet armchair sleuths identified Mr Kerr from her writing, she was forced to either say yes or no. Her choice of words was interesting here: Note the context. If she had written 'I thought he had been about to say 'face' it would have read more naturally but she writes that sentence as though she is just working out herself what he is about to type rather than referring to something that has already been typed.However the overwhelming opinion of late is that he does not exist, that he is fictitious. Another clue into the strange and wondrous place that is Liz Jones' mind?I'm no mathematician but something doesn't add up at all here!Interestingly, Liz says recently, that she has never dated, slept with, or kissed, a white man. Because she claims to have slept with him (kept her top on apparently), so how many 80's rock stars are male, not white, filled stadium's, have small or close set eyes, are Glaswegian and own hotels abroad and have adult children who have provided them with grandchildren. I got emailed this by a person who swore me to anonymity.

He has 'piggy blue eyes' and wore leggings and filled stadia.

The general consensus is that the person Liz was describing is Jim Kerr. Nothing to do with the actual Mr Kerr, who I believe is happily settled down with a long term girlfriend, a Japanese lady called Yumi.