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Even at a relatively high dose of fluoxetine, she continued to experience significant anxiety.Fluoxetine is ‘activating’ in some people, meaning that it sometimes increases the person’s sense of energy, which can, in turn, increase anxiety.Moreover the person felt that her mood had dropped somewhat since making the change.She called to ask if either fluoxetine or escitalopram are better for anxiety vs.The individual differences between medications probably have more to do with misperception and placebo effects than true differences between the medications, with a few exceptions.Besides their SSRI effects, each medication has minor actions at other receptors— paroxetine’s actions at histamine receptors, for example, tend to increase appetite and cause drowsiness.depression, in consideration of changing back to fluoxetine, or to a different medication altogether.

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They ALL work in similar brain regions, on nerve terminals that release serotonin.Some of these extra actions are useful some are not.