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It may be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial, or a combination. Some examples of bullying may be: Abuse or aggression does not have to happen regularly. And after an abuse happens, the other person may go out of his/her way in being nice and promising that it won't happen it again...But unfortunately, the abuse usually does happen again...The abuse also doesn't have to start off at the beginning of the relationship.Usually the abuser is sweet and charming in the beginning.Abuse and domestic violence is not only wrong but is also against the law. Fact: It is true; maybe you aren't a perfect person yourself, but there nothing you do deserves abuse.And although abusers are often very good at blaming their victims for the abuse, the abuse is always the abuser's responsibility. Unfortunately, guilt and shame often keeps victims in an abusive relationship; it stops them from getting help from themselves. Myth: If I stay, I can help him/her to work it out. And the longer you stay in an abusive relationship, the less motivation the other person has to change.But over time, the abuser may show subtle signs of controlling the other person, such as by needing to know the other person's whereabouts, or by being extremely jealous.You have a right to safety, respect, and a life free from harm by others.

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Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial: Bullying is a form of abuse that can happen in a relationship or in a family.Abuse is behaviour used to intimidate, isolate, dominate or control another person.It may be a pattern of behaviour or it may be a single incident.Summary: Abuse is behaviour used to intimidate, isolate, dominate or control another person.

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If you are being abused, know that abuse is never your fault, and it is never justified. Help is available, whether through speaking with your physician, or calling a telephone crisis line, or a woman's shelter.

If you really want to change the abuser's behaviours, then get out of the relationship. Fact: If you really care about your kids, the best thing you can possibly do is get out of an abusive relationship.