Is donghae dating anyone

03-Sep-2016 23:18

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dating someone special needs child

Jaejoong and Heechul admitted that they fought over a hamburger and didn't talk to each other for two years.

Even the hosts of the program didn't seem to buy that the sole reason they cut contact was over a hamburger.

At least they made up now I believe that kaistal are 100% public stunt. Tho really I can't stand how biased and illogical some of users here can be, I thought that the people here are some way different and more open minded, but I think I was wrong edit: Ahhh, sorry I forgot to add ignorance!

, many users here in this thread are ignorants and it's dangerous af, they don't bother to read properly about things before giving their opinions, and they are sure that they are doing right and even sometimes saying ignorant things as facts!

Earlier in the radio program: HC: “I’m quite a rumour maker” YH: “then what’s your latest hit” HC: “I like men.

But, I do like men, I like both men and women, but I love only with women” YH: “right, I also had that kind of rumour” I wonder why Hmmm I always wonder what happened between Jaejoong, Heechul, and Yunho.

, but actually they are only spreading their ignorance among other users (specially those who also don't bother to read properly about it, and believe those ignorant informations).

Yunho talked about how pre-debut his 'girlfriend' broke up with him because she saw him with Heechul and got jealous.It's strange how he mentioned that Heechul would dress differently when he met him and he also mentioned how his girlfriend got angry when she saw them eating a hamburger together.

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