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14-May-2016 04:42

Diego Luna Alexander was born on December 29, 1979 in Mexico City, Mexico, to Alejandro Luna and Fiona Alexander, who worked as a costume designer.

Luna and his partners Pablo Cruz and Eric Bonniot (A Band Apart) recently launched a branded entertainment studio, Gloria.

Luna and Cruz, along with Gael Garcia Bernal, are also co-founders of the Mexican production and distribution company Canana.

scribe Ben Ripley, with David Blackman and Laurence Mark as producers.

Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon starred in the original, in which medical students discover how to journey into the afterworld and then resurrect themselves.

In a weird way, this actually makes it the ideal movie for the remake treatment – there is no reason to film new versions of beloved, classic movies when there are plenty of great concepts attached to forgettable movies floating around, awaiting resurrection.

The original 1990 film is fine, a perfectly adequate supernatural thriller that goes down easy enough and then vanishes from the brain without leaving a last impression.

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As often happens when anyone attempts to cheat death, things begin to go amiss.

, the Gareth Edwards-directed film about resistance fighters who unite to steal plans to the Death Star.

But that would be too easy, so I’m going to assume that Luna is playing Roberts and Page is playing Sutherland until someone says something official.

It’s 2016, so why gender swap a remake of a movie that no one is particularly passionate about?

After all, the core cast of the original film consisted of four men and one women while this new version will follow three women and two men. The original was directed by Joel Schumacher and followed a group of medical students who stop each other’s hearts to see if there’s anything after death.Naturally, there is something beyond the veil of death and it’s none too happy to have visitors.