Is dating your friend a good idea

25-Apr-2015 10:32

I loved my husband very much and even though we had many differences there was something intangible that bound me to him.Since you have already developed care and concern, you can focus on other things that come up and develop a deeper connection more quickly and easily. Not all friends can be transformed into a successful relationship, but there is one good thing that does come with trying: living with no regrets. When I finally got the courage up to say something, I didn’t get the yes I was hoping for. Building a relationship has taken some patience, time and effort. Build up your courage and think about the best way to approach the subject.

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I thought it would ruin our friendship but realise now that he was possibly the right one for me.

I say this after 17 years of marriage and always returning to the thought that maybe I should have married someone who i had much more in common with.

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