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24-Jun-2016 03:29

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Are there any other accessible music player apps for the i Phone and/or the i Pod Touch?I'm just looking for an app that will play the songs I've synced to my i Phone/i Pod Touch with more features and either louder or more adjustable volume than the built-in Music app.I'm not a big fan of the built-in music app on my i Phone because of it's soft volume and lack of features.I'm thinking about getting an i Pod Touch soon, and from what I hear, the built-in music app on the i Pod Touch is the same as the one on the i Phone.

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I'm looking for something that has a customizable EQ, and possibly effects like time stretch, pitch change, surround sound, etc. I did some research on Headquake, and it doesn't appear to have some of the features I want.

The volume slider in the built-in Music app just controls the main sound volume, but I'd like to have a volume slider that controls the volume of the player and not the main volume. I use play count and last played date to manage moving songs on and off my i Pod through smart playlists. Tune Shell may be what I go with, since it can play lossless audio, and I have a bunch of WAV files I've recorded.

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