Intimidating movie characters

17-Jun-2016 00:07

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However, most of Ego’s deeds were limited to laying out sinister plans for galaxy conquest rather than doing some damage on it own.

It could suck energy from smaller, ‘innocent’ stars to power its astronomical strength but seldom used it.

His name is actually an acronym that only adds to his weird factor, Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing. Well his gargantuan mouth and oversized choppers could easily swallow that name.

Believe it or not, he as actually a human who was mutated by A. M scientists into the misfit villain we know today.

His powers are enhanced intelligence (big surprise with a noggin like that), with the added ability to predict outcomes that sometimes resembles clairvoyance.

He also can control individuals and large groups of people, generate force fields and finally, shoot powerful force beams from his swanky headband that focuses his incredible mental powers.

For most, it was difficult to imagine whether Ego was a planetary force or some inter-planetary evil entity.

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First appearing in Tales of Suspense #93 (1967), MODOK is one of the oddest looking characters you will find in the pages of any comic.While, some of these were plain bizarre, some were just unlucky for not being able to engage enough attention to be another successful contributor to the Marvel universe.Ego was beyond the comprehension of Marvel’s very young readers.Oh, and he can scare the crap out of little kids with his sputnik like head. For many Marvel fans, Swarm wasn’t put forth in the right manner by its creators.

The Marvel Comics enterprise has been at the forefront of presenting fictional superheroes who have commanded a global following.

However, among the list of many illustrious and immensely popular characters, there are also some who never climbed the popularity charts and eventually had to be dumped or mercifully killed off.