Interracial dating in great britain fdating com mail hotmail com 2016

02-Nov-2014 05:50

Its only black men that choose to date outside their race when they are successful, and its always white women which they choose to date. Well yeah i think it's because white women are much prettier than black women.I'm a black man, my wife is white and all my brothers are married to white women.For example - John Obi Mikel, Theo Walcott Danny Welbeck Danny Rose Ashley Cole Chiwetel Ejiofor Chuka Umunna etc.When an asian man becomes successful he dates an asian girl, when a white man becomes successful he dates a white girl.When a chinese man becomes successful he dates a chinese girl.White women just look more beautiful, and therefore we're attracted to them.Successful black men do tend to date white women in the UK.

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As a black man who is successful and very good looking, I have to admit that I do get alot of attention from every race of woman, but i reject every woman unless she is white.

White women just have an attractive presence about them which is appealing to a successful man like myself.

I'm a white guy, and every time I go out in London i see alot of black men with white girlfriends/wives.

It's like black men have completely abandoned black women and are seeking more beautiful girls e.g White and Chinese.

I just wanted to ask why do you think there are so many interracial relationships with white women and black men in the UK, is it because black women are ugly?I think it's because white women are very attractive.

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