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12-Jun-2016 21:56

It feels great to swipe, match and date in the beginning, so you find yourself going on several coffee dates a week, meeting one person after another to see if there’s any chemistry. It’s fun at first, but after a while, a weary feeling starts to set in.There’s no more flirty banter, and you find yourself having the same conversations, being asked the same questions over and over again.When daters are exhausted from the endless swiping that leads nowhere, it’s like binging on those cupcakes – you can’t bring yourself to go on another date. Dating fatigue has officially gotten the best of you.Ultimately, if you’re feeling burned out by dating, take stock and develop a fresh mindset using some of the above tips.If you’re still stuck, seek the services of a professional relationship therapist or counsellor who can help you understand your relationship blocks so you can then open yourself to new connections.

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