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27-Dec-2014 00:26

Only people who are interested in interracial dating, mingling, and/or socializing should join this group.The activities will include meet & greet mixers, happy hour, birthday celebrations, dancing, tastings, museums/art galleries, festivals, live music, travel, outdoor activities, dining, sports events, and much more.The activities will take place, but is not limited to, Los Angeles County (Beaches, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Downtown LA, West LA), Long Beach, Orange County, Pasadena, Valleys, and Ventura.We will also enjoy mini trips to Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara, etc. We will not tolerate any abuse of our members (MEN OR WOMEN).While we love our Black men, the purpose of the group is to give Black women the opportunity to meet men of diverse backgrounds, whether its new or common experience.•The goal of this group is to promote and support the interracial lifestyle and to facilitate interracial mingling & socializing.Members who display/post inappropriate communication (online or offline) or post solicitations on the site will be removed immediately.All members are asked to report any inappropriate behavior to the Leadership Team ASAP.

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The Perfect Mixture Interracial Dating Group brings together lifestyle-oriented individuals who share a passion for city life and the richness of a multicultural social scene.

This group provides an eclectic, culturally-rich environment, where people come together to, socialize and share common interests related to city living.

We hope our members develop & foster lifelong friendships and have the opportunity to meet the "ONE" and hopefully fall in love.

•We provide a setting where everyone is comfortable and at ease with getting to know each other.

is mandatory to join this group, a clear picture of your face is required as your profile picture. It must not contain nudity or be provocative/"sexy". Your picture must remain on your profile at all times or you will be removed. Three no shows to events that you've signed up for will remove you from the group.