Inter generational dating

29-Feb-2016 19:07

If you don't connect with men & women of your own age then you may be it's time you explored the hidden pleasures of an age gap relationship.

Just like families, states and societies are underpinned by a social contract between the generations – collectively supporting each of us through the stages of our lives, and crucially doing so fairly. Even before the EU referendum result highlighted big differences between the generations, with the under 45s voting to remain and the over 45s to leave, issues of intergenerational fairness were rising up the agenda.

These concerns have been driven by some visible problems.

Ageless Dating is a focused community that goes beyond dating.

With blogs, chat, instant messaging, and many other social networking features, Ageless Dating seeks to evolve the concept of meeting people online.

The microsite for the Intergenerational Commission is here.

Welcome to Ageless - the premiere online community for men & women who don't rule out relationships with people that are significantly older or younger than themselves.

Feel comfortable with the possibility of starting an age-gap relationship in a community where people think just like you.May be you have experienced a lot in life already and now want a totally different type of relationship.