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14-Nov-2014 23:11

In fact, the pixels are so close together, your eyes can’t distinguish them.

So photos and videos show incredible detail and text is razor sharp.

Because the best pixels are the ones you never see. We fit more in, but it still fits perfectly in your hand.

We packed so many incredible new features inside i Pad mini.

So your apps can give you a better experience based on the movement of your i Pad mini.

It has a stunning Retina display, the incredibly powerful A7 chip, advanced wireless technologies, and more. It’s just 0.29 inch thin and weighs less than three-quarters of a pound. The new Apple-designed A7 chip brings 64-bit desktop-class architecture to i Pad. It also supports Open GL ES version 3.0, enabling detailed graphics and visual effects once possible only on desktop computers and game consoles.So while you can do even more, you won’t feel like you’re holding any more. That means up to 4x the CPU speed and up to 8x the graphics performance for everything you do. And everything you do with i Pad mini feels quicker, because it is quicker. And the A7 chip features 64-bit architecture, opening the door for even more robust and powerful apps.Except for its super-portable, hold-it-in-one-hand, still-just-right mini size.7.9-inch Retina display. The Retina display has over 3.1 million pixels — a million more than an HDTV.That’s a 2048-by-1536 resolution, four times the resolution of the previous-generation i Pad mini.

Any way you look at it, i Pad mini is just incredible.And the stunning Retina display is only the beginning.