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29-Oct-2016 03:50

On 26 April, Sutter spilled the beans about the highly-anticipated series and said the Mayans would be the center of the plot, which will be dark but beautiful."Mayans MC spinoff just got one step closer. Though, Sutter and the network FX are silent about the casting details, the possibilities of Hunnam returning cannot be denied if the Mayan spin-off will narrate the events that happened prior to SOA.

A sequel will, however, kill the fans' dreams of seeing their beloved Jax roaming in and around the fictional city of Charming, as he died in the series finale.

Like Charlie, she's creative, capturing her artistry with her Maison de Morgana jewelry designs.

Although she and Charlie are a pretty private couple, she has attended a few premieres with him, and even when she doesn't walk the red carpet, she occasionally shares pictures from inside events.

Various LGBT news sources have criticized the slow pace of Will's coming out story line, while others noted that Days of Our Lives was one of the last shows to portray gay characters.… continue reading »

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