How is radiactive dating performed

05-Jun-2016 10:06

A couple of notes: for most of the arguments, I provide a background in case you or someone who reads the record is not familiar with the subject area.

I hope I don't tell you too much that you already know.

Bales Opening Statement In this argument, I'll stick to the evidence which indicates the earth has a young age.

Any young-earth theory must also explain evidence that seems to indicate that the earth is millions of years old.

I've discussed some of this in the newsgroup, but here I'll leave it for the rebuttal phase of the debate.

The arguments I use are of the same basic type as those of the old-earth proponents: extrapolation of present-day trends into the past to determine how long something could have been going on.

The supporting details are based on study, briefer than I would like, done for this debate.

Also, the arguments I use here deal with the solar system, the earth, and man.They do not deal with the age of the universe as a whole.These methods don't assign an exact age; the rates and initial conditions are not exactly known.However, since the "young" and "old" age ranges differ by 5 1/2 orders of magnitude, it is easy to say which pieces of evidence favor which theory.

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Also, since there has been controversy on the net, unless otherwise indicated, all references and quotes are taken from works which I have personally examined.

Any conclusions not specifically quoted are my own and may not agree with those who supply the facts on which I base them.

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