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Founding: The founder of the Parthian Empire is said to have been Arsaces of the tribe of the Parni (a semi-nomadic steppe people), for which reason the Parthian era is also referred to as the Arsacid. The "high date" sets the founding between 261 and 246 B. Eventually it extended from the Euphrates to the Indus Rivers, covering Iran, Iraq, and most of Afghanistan.

The end date marks the start of the Sassanid Empire. Extent of the Empire: While the Parthian Empire started as the Parthian satrapy, it expanded and diversified.

Government: The government of the Parthian Empire has been described as an unstable, decentralized political system, but also a step in the direction "of the first highly integrated, bureaucratically complex empires in Southwest Asia [Wenke]." It was for much of its existence a coalition of vassal states with tense relationships among rival ethnic groups.

It was also subject to outside pressure from Kushans, Arabs, Romans, and others.

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Parthian Literature: In "Looking East from the Classical World: Colonialism, Culture, and Trade from Alexander the Great to Shapur I," Fergus Millar says that no literature in an Iranian language survives from the entire Parthian period.

He adds that there is documentation from the Parthian period, but it's scanty and mostly in Greek.

The starting date is the time from which the Parthians occupied the satrapy of the Seleucid Empire known as Parthia (modern Turkmenistan).

The End of the Parthian Empire: A Sassanid prince from Fars (Persis, in southern Iran), rebelled against the last Parthian king, the Arsacid Artabanus V, thereby starting the Sassanid era.

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