Hoe werkt datingsite

28-Oct-2016 07:24

I hope, you are pleasant))))) De email terug Dear Miss Natalya! I was born in 1944 but I always say: you are as young as you feel! Yours faithfully, Sjon Janssens, Amsterdam De derde mail van Natalya …………..

I take care of myself well, as you can see on the photo. If you like, we can begin to deepening our correspondence.

Open your private world – through letters and through our dialogue.

Thank you for your long letter with the beautiful picture!

PLEASE WRITE ME AGAIN if you have serious intentions.

DON’T ANSWER ME AGAIN if you are not truthful with me.

Please, do not write to me if our acquaintance is only game for you.

Sjon why you search for acquaintance in the Internet? I DO NOT WISH to offend you now, excuse in advance…

I like to be photographed and too I will send many photo…. Without a photo “WHO” is difficult to understand it you writes. I am a real girl who wishes to get acquainted with you. Please tell me more about yourself, your interests. I do not judge people on their appearance, only the inner counts! Sincerely, Sjon Janssens Amsterdam De tweede mail van Natalya GREETINGS Sjon!!!! NATALYA De email terug Dear Natalya, Thank you for your nice email with the lovely photo. Often disappointed in life, but always full of good cheer!

I hope you all have correctly understood and you write to me the return letter.

I wish to find new acquaintances and good friendship. If you liked my structure write and I will send my photo and video. I hope our acquaintance will be pleasant and interesting.