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India is also inalienably linked with the history and heritage of close nations like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Butan, and India's culture, economy and politics have in turn influenced the history of the nations of South East Asia and Central Asia, as well as Tibet, Afghanistan, Iran and China over thousands of years.

India has also strongly influenced life in medieval Europe, especially since the landing of Vasco Da Gama and the incorporation of India into the British Empire, from the 1700s to 1947.

The History of Bharat (Indian Subcontinent) can be traced in fragments as far back as 700,000 years ago.

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Following a date, it indicates that the year in question comes after the year zero in the Western, or Gregorian calendar, system.

-2.5 m: Genus Homo originates in Africa, cradle of humanity.

-2 m: Stone artifacts are made and used by hominids in North India, an area rich in animal species, including the elephant.

-500,000: Stone hand axes and other tools are used in N. -470,000: India's hominids are active in Tamil Nadu and Punjab.

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Human civilizations in India are some of the earliest ever and were as significant as counterpart civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

India's history essentially includes all of the Indian subcontinent, including the more recent nations of Pakistan founded in 1947 after the partition of India, and Bangladesh founded in 1971.

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