Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

07-Oct-2015 02:22

If both files are present in the classpath then xml file overrides the settings found in the hibernate.properties file.

" Mapping files (*xml): These files are used to map persistent objects to a relational database.

Query tuning is not needed for hibernate as JDBC is needed.

Data can be placed in multiple cache which is supported by hibernate, whereas in JDBC the cache is to be implemented.

Ans: The configuration files xml (or hibernate.properties) and mapping files *xml are used by the Configuration class to create (i.e.configure and bootstrap hibernate) the Session Factory, which in turn creates the Session instances. Why hibernate is advantageous over Entity Beans & JDBC?Ans: An entity bean always works under the EJB container, which allows reusing of the object external to the container.

An object can not be detached in entity beans and in hibernate detached objects are supported.Hibernate is not database dependent where as JDBC is database dependent.

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