Herpes sufferers dating

13-May-2015 19:09

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In this new era of rampant STIs a new dating code is emerging to complicate the already muddy waters of relationship-etiquette, from asking about previous partners to insisting on sexual health checks before embarking on a sexual relationship and, for the millions affected by the Herpes virus, deciding when to drop the H Bomb!

Having 'the talk', informing your prospective sexual partners about your HSV status, explaining about the Herpes Virus, the risks involved and the necessary precautions can mean the end of a potential relationship - it can be the moment when you literally 'Bomb out!

Discovering you have contracted an incurable STI can be very difficult to come to terms with, not only are there health issues to deal with, but very often there are trust and betrayal issues to surmount as well.I thought I would never be intimate with anyone again for the rest of my life!I know it took a lot of courage for her to tell me and I respect her tremendously for that.Gayle: I tried to tell him calmly but there were a few tears spilled as I tried to get the story out.

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'With eight in ten Australians affected by HSV 1 - oral cold sores and two in ten affected by HSV 2 - genital herpes, dropping the H Bomb is becoming a more common occurrence.Choosing the 'right' moment can be difficult at best, obviously it is better to discuss this before you become intimate, but broaching the subject too soon can also cause difficulties.