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If you are an alumnus/a of any of YU's institutions you can get access to the Bar Ilan database, Ebsco, Project Muse, Otzar Ha Chochma and many many online resources. English translation of the Megilat Taanit (The Scroll of Fasts), one of the oldest rabbinic texts in existence, dating from the 2nd Temple times, which lists the days when it was forbidden to fast or eulogize.Also, the text of gemara, Rashi and Tosafot is available as text (without tzurat hadaf) which can be copied and pasted into a word processor. Cut and paste-able text for Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berura.The letters in parentheses will bring you to the text of the Mishna Berurah and the asterisks will bring you to the Biur Halacha.Also Barternura and highlights of the Tosfot Yom Tov on Mishnah, and Gemara, Rashi and Tosafot. Also The Mishneh Torah has some basic commentaries interwoven (לחם משנה, מגיד משנה).But it lacks the straight Rambam that the first site has. A PDF of every daf in Shas (Moznaim Vagshul edition) which prints out better than E-Daf's.

יישר כחך to Reuven Brauner for the work he has put into this site, freeing us from having to use that other site. Many wonderful books by the author are also freely available.

Text and English translations of the Mishnah, Bavli, Tosefta and Yerushalmi.

Certain texts require a one-time 24-hour wait between the first log-on to the site (cookies required) and accessing the translations.

Many journals and books published by YU or YU associates including several volumes of the Orthodox Forum series and articles published by YU affiliates in the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society a/k/a the RJJ Journal. It's good for 3 years, at which point it expires without warning, but you can keep renewing.

A treasure trove of commentaries, ready to copy into a document. Almost identical to the previous site, but occasionally has new resources.Most of what you'd find in a mikra'ot gedolot - Rashi, Ramban, Ibn Ezra, Seforno Siftei Chachamim, Kli Yakar, etc. For example, this site has complete Shulchan Aruch with nekudot!

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