Harry styles dating nick grimshaw

18-Mar-2016 20:56

L Girl,i'm the anon who asked you in previous thread about getting info on H/N,thank you for replying and of course you should share whatever you find out only if that is possible and won't cause you any trouble or anything.

I was just wondering because the whole H/N story is going on for too long so a "confirmation" from a reliable source would be nice.

I expect xfactor will also have thought that a bonus of letting this guy come out is that there will be people who automatically assume that harry and louis can't be gay as they woudl have come out too!!

I think Jaymi would have had to come out even without internet proof unless he wanted to break up with his boyfriend of three years. He mentions her and plays her new song ("I knew you were trouble" or something like that, I mean come on), and still no shade thrown her way. He usually jokes about anyone and everyone, even his closest friends.

That said,for me H/N were involved or still are and it'd take something very strong for me to convince me that they weren't.

Re: Jaymi coming out I think he came out because well he was already out and in a relationship and that would be rather hard to cover up,he was practically never in the closet,his boyfriend went to the shows and talked about him on twitter and his brother mentioned him as "Jaymi's boyfriend" too,he just hadn't announced it to the public yet. Union J have their own manager anyway,some guy named Blair so let's not make it a cowell/syco thing like on tumblr.

Re: Grimmy not teasing about Swift Well to be fair he has only ever teased Harry about Imbrulia and his womanazing reputation in general,for example he never commented on Cara or Emily Atack etc and there wasn't much teasing on Caroline's part either. I love how Heat is back to writing about Harry and Cara,didn't they get the memo?

I also think that with harry, the problem would not just be that he likes guys but that he, if the rumours are true, is involved with a guy that looks like old enough to be his dad.

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He's also been out to family, friends and acquaintances for a long while so word would have got around fairly quickly. And now with all the media talking about Taylor Swift and his "best friend", he's got nothing witty to say?Weird.a lot of people see this taylor thing as further confirmation of harry not being entirely staight. I've seen a good few tweets from social commentators in the states basically stating this bearding and harry must be gay.