26-Apr-2015 19:59

We don’t have to wait for someone else to come along to enjoy something we think is fun, exciting or beautiful.


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Check out Diamond.com, who is unveiling a brand new website in the new year but is giving a sneak peek for you all now if you want some ideas.Be good to yourself, and enjoy the moment—make a New Year’s resolution to stop waiting around for the good things. And Merry Christmas to me…gonna do some shopping now.When I was single, I tended to put off all of the things I thought couples were supposed to do together.I waited to go to Italy or France or some other romantic destination until I could have someone with me to enjoy it (the backpacking trip through Europe in my twenties didn’t count, since I slept in rooms with 10 other strangers and couldn’t afford to dine in restaurants).

I put off buying my own place because what was the point if I couldn’t fix it up with a partner?I also decided that the diamond necklace I wanted should also wait and come from a man.