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After all, that rotting meat in the dumpster behind the restaurant could feed five homeless people! If you look in any museum or historical site, you will be amazed at the array of goods that archeologists and historians found, simply by digging in the ground.

And France has recently enacted a law preventing restaurants from throwing away any food at all. Our ancestors threw away broken dishes and whatnot, simply because it wasn't worthwhile or even possible to fix them.

When I was a kid back in the 1960's, we used to drive down route 81 in Pennsylvania as I recall.

All I can say is, stay away from the Tuesday dinner special. Our ancestors literally lived on a pile of their garbage. Our Native Americans were in touch with the land and never abused Mother Nature, right?

We visited one Indian site nearby where they had made a mound of oyster shells over 50 feet high.

The Indians pulled oysters out of the river, roasted them, and then threw the shells in a big pile, until it was a small mountain.

The idea that certain peoples or races are more respectful of Mother Nature is something of a fraud.

But getting back to the main point, is it better to replace or repair?

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Today, we would "recycle" these shells to seed new oyster beds, particularly as the levels of calcium in the ocean declines.Other "Native Americans" would settle in one area and then exploit the natural resources until they were exhausted - and then move on to more fertile territory.

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