Gulf dating

25-Feb-2016 00:13

But if you dated someone in your expat compound, nobody would know and, even if they did know, it would be OK because you are in a designated area.

In other regions, almost everybody is aware about dating. It is not just Muslims who have conservative views about dating.

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In Saudi, however, there are laws forbidding a woman from standing next to a man.If you live in the Kingdom, dating is forbidden in public for both locals and expats. The orange circle received a thin black border, and the lettering was simplified.In 1984, Gulf merged with Chevron, who later sold off stations to British Petroleum and Cumberland Farms.

Dear Ali: I understand that marriage is important in the culture of the Gulf.But how are non-Muslim expats supposed to get married if they can’t date? You are allowed to date; however, you should respect the guidelines and traditions of the place where you live.

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