Guide dating british men

17-Jan-2016 14:51

This is based on my experience with my husband so it may vary depends on your partner’s personality.They can be sarcastic at times or sometimes most of the time! They have a dry sense of humour and over time, you will get to used to it.He is sensible, and we got lots of things in common like love for history and travel, so we clicked, and the rest is history.We had loads of ups and downs in our relationship, but that only made us closer. I will share with you the things that I’ve learned marrying an English man!

His favourite so far is Siomai with soy sauce, hilabos na hipon and our national food – Adobo!I don’t freak out anymore whenever I’ll hear him calling other ladies with words of endearment.We normally tease each other with some insults, pet names and we just laughed after. I missed eating RICE for breakfast, lunch and dinner! However, it’s hard to find some Filipino ingredients here in the UK, so I learned how to be resourceful. Their love affair with this dish is so deep due to their colonial past, so you have to cook or, at least, try to cook it.We’ve found a solution to this cultural differences, his dinner and my dinner, his potatoes and my rice! I introduced some Filipino foods to my hubby, and it was a hit.

He came back from Mauritius where he lived as an expat for few years, and decided to return here in the UK to settle some matters of the heart too!In the spring of 2009, he sent me a friendly message.

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