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Full health, armor, and ammunition Dial "4825550100" on the cell phone.Note: This phone number translates to "GTA-555-0100".This will unlock the baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, and grenades.Note: This phone number translates to "DOC-555-0100".This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army", and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.Weapons tier 1 Dial "4865550100" on the cell phone.

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Note: Do not save the game after enabling a code to avoid unforeseen problems. However, if you spawn a vehicle, save the game, and load again, you can spawn another one and your original will not disappear.Enabling some cheats will prevent the indicated achievement(s) from being earned. You must have it in your parking space in front of a safehouse or it will be gone before you have a chance to spawn another.