Grouplove hannah hooper dating

25-Jul-2016 05:05

Unfortunately, she was leaving in a few days for an artist’s residency to which she’d been invited by Wessen’s brother.Hooper impulsively asked Zucconi to join her — in Greece. No one’s ever asked me that before,” says Zucconi while his bandmates feign shock.“It was supposed to be one day, but a month later, everyone had canceled their tickets and they were still living in my parents’ house.” One song turned into eight, and the five friends turned into Grouplove, a band whose single, “Tongue Tied,” hit the No. Things haven’t slowed much since their first show at El Cid in May 2010.That night, Gadd played a song they’d never heard before and Rabin was blown away.He suggested they visit his family home in Burbank to mess around with recording.

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“I was having a tough time in New York, working shitty jobs and feeling depressed.

This seemed like a good way to get out of that and hang out with Hannah, who’s so cool and made me laugh like no other person I’d met.” Drained by the sleepless journey to Crete, the duo met Wessen on the first day.