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From time to time this may vary and we will charge you accordingly.You will be asked to sign the back of the prescription form to confirm that you have paid the charge, or are exempt.We will never refuse repeat medication requests but will ask you to attend if required.This is the last month in which you will be able to use the old prescription ordering system.Your credit rating can be affected by false claims of fraud.The government charges for each item dispensed, and the money collected by us from dispensing patients goes to the Treasury.The review date at the bottom of your prescription repeat medication slip will tell you when this review is due.Many patients will be attending annual reviews with the Practice Nurses as part of their management of a long-term condition, the medication review is part of this annual review process and the date will be updated at that time.

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Please visit Reception with your ID (driving licence or passport) to obtain your password for the new prescription ordering system If you don’t have a username and password for the new system, you will need to obtain them by visiting reception with some form of photo ID (eg passport or driving licence).

In the meantime, you can continue using the old method to request your repeat prescription.