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By some accounts Kam Bakhsh wished to join his brother but his offer was refused. A number of appoint- ments and promotions were made before leaving Ahmadnagar. the advance tents were sent on, and on the 2nd April, after eleven days' march and five days of halt. Much of the many stores and many of the artificers were left behind at Aurangabad. 571.] At Aurangabad the Prince was joined by Zulfiqar Khan and Tarbiyat Khan, former Mir Atash or Commander of the Artillery, who before the late Emperor's death had been sent to drive away the Mahrattas. But from the manner in which things were conducted, Zulfiqar Khan refrained in great measure from any interference in public business ; in fact, he and his father Asad Khan had done their best to persuade Azam Shah to leave them behind in the Dakhin ; while Chin Qilich Khan on the pretext that his presence was required in his new Governments of Aurangabad and Khandesh quitted the army.

Meanwhile Kam Bakhsh assumed all the attributes of independent sovereignty, granted rank {mansab) and titles (khitab) appointed a minister and other chief officers of state, assumed the regal style of Dinpanah, 'Defender of the Faith', and coined money in his own name. One day's rest was taken, the tombs of Alamgir, the Prince's father, of his mother and of the saint Burhan-ud-din were visited, and a short prayer (jatiha) recited at each. [Kamwar, Dil 161b.] Azam Shah left Burhanpur on the 25th April, 1707 and, instead of the usual and open route by the Akbarpur ferry, [on the Narmada] he bore to the right and adopted as being shorter the more difficult road across Pandhar to the Tomri Pass,* long, narrow and entirely waterless.

From the 27th year (1684) he served continuously in the Dakhin. Ismail) was born in 16^7, his mother being Mihr- un-nissa Begam, daughter o! At the same time he received the title of ltiqad Khan. In 1698 he took the Mahratta stronghold of Jinji and was made Nusrat Jang ; and in 1702 he succeeded Rahramand Khan as Mir Rakhshi. To counteract this supposed pre-eminence, Alamgir forthwith began to promote nobles of the Turani party. The Mughul leaders and their men left him without asking his permission, and returned to Ahmadnagar to join Azarn Shah.

But Muazzam's charactei well known ; he was not another Dara Shukoh. troops were sufficient ; those ^f the late Emperoi werl and entered the imperial service in the 27th year of Shah Jahan (1654), In Alamgir's reign he was long second Bakjhshi, then deputy of the Wazir from the 13th year (1670), and in the I9fch year (1676) was himself made Wazir. He received his fust appointment in the I 1th year of Alamgir (1668) and in 1 677 married the daughter o( Shaista Khan the Amir- ul-umara. as a reward for taking the fort of Raheri and along with it the sons of Sambha Mahratta and his whole family, he was made Zulfiqar Khan. But envious tongues raised doubts in Alamgir's suspicious mind by repeating the gossip of the camp and by quoting, in allusion to Zulfiqar Khan's title, the saying "There is no young man like AH and no sword like Zulfiqar" (Ali's sword). The Prince had not got beyond Parenda, about 75 miles south-east of Ahmadnagar, when he heard of his father's death.

{ret), Author of Storia do Mogor, Army of the Indian Moghuls, &c» Edited by JADUNATH SARKAR, i.e.s., Author of History of Aurangzib, Shivaji and His Times, Studies in Mughal India, &c. Azam .^hah was in reality angry at Khan Firuz Jang's refusal to march with him, but thought it ./ble, and at that chief a request appointed him to the c of the Aurangabad province and his son, Chin Qilich Khan that of Burhanpur. In great disorder he hastened on till he was within sight of Bijapur. After two weeks a settlement was come to and Niyaz Khan gave up the fort. Some say that while the Prince was still encamped outside Bijapur, Zulfiqar Khan Nusrat Jang, who had been in pursuit of the Mahrattas, and was only a few miles away, on hearing of Alamgir's death, conceived the project of capturing Kam Bakhsh and delivering him to Azarn Shah. | There was an old quarrel between Prince Kam Bakhsh rind Zulfiqar Khan dating from the time of the siege of Jinji in the year 1693. After his enthronement Azam Shah issued coin with the inscription Sikkah zad dar jahan ba daulat o jah Padshah-i-mamalihi Azam Shah.

lis * During thr List decade of Aurengeib't reign, his aoldien' p.»v used *o k* USUe Uy in arrears for three [J. But at the Emperor's death these two men Asad Khan and Zulfiqar Khan were incontestably the first in the Empire both in rank and influence. This led to the plunder of much of the Prince's baggage. 569 ; Kamwar.] For several days Sayyid Niyaz Khan, nephew and deputy of the late subahdar, Chin Qilich Khan, kept the fort gates closed, and made difficulties about delivering possession.

It was reported to Azam Shah, as soon as he had reached Pandhar, a place six k°s from Burhanpur, that the men of Muhammad Amin Khan, who was in command of the rear- guard, had commenced to plunder the stragglers.

Zulfiqar Khan, "and give them money tore of two months.

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This idea was only abandoned in deference to the advice of Rao Dalpat Bundela, an old and experienced 1 707] prince azam's movements 1 1 man highly esteemed by Zulfiqar Khan. "Coin was struck in the world with fortune and dignity by the Emperor of the kingdoms, Azam Shah." Some advised that Kam Bakhsh 's pretensions should be first dealt with.

The Khan resumed his march and joined Azam Shah and that Prince, though so much stronger, did not interfere with his younger brother's independence. Azam Shah held the enterprise of Muazzam Shah to be threatening, though even this rival would hardly require more than a stick to beat him. I Singh Hada and other of the officers serving under these generals were presented.