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25-Sep-2016 04:32

Will moves from a public school to a local sixth form comprehensive school because his mother, Polly, can no longer afford the public school fees.

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He is an unconventional hero - although he is generally the wittiest and most level-headed of the group, he is prone to making bad choices, being easily swayed by peer pressure, and making outrageous remarks.

Will also appears to follow certain ethical laws, though is not above occasionally committing dubious acts, such as purchasing alcohol illegally, insulting Neil's father while intoxicated, accidentally insulting people who are disabled, among others.

Will aspires to have a career in law or maybe the media, and was supposed to be attending a local newspaper for work experience.

However, a mix-up with applications sends Neil to the newspaper (instead of "driving aeroplanes") and Will spends his placement at a garage, where he ultimately fails to fit in and gets picked on by the staff working there.

At the end of the second series, when the boys face exams, Will began to crack under pressure and relies on energy drinks to keep him going.

He is repulsed by her as she is taller than he and is rather ditzy and boring; however once he hears how she is infamous for fellating her last few boyfriends, he goes along with it.