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09-Feb-2016 07:43

Gmail or Google Mail account (which anyone can now sign up for by mobile phone or online), you can transfer or move all emails from your old Gmail account to your new account, so that you can access all your old account's emails from within your new Gmail or Google Mail account.

That includes mail sent your old account as well as all email you've received at your previous Gmail address.

Here's a tutorial "how to", at a basic introductory level, with step by step instructions.

This method will effect a "copy" rather than a "move", strictly speaking, as the old emails should still be there in your old account; it basically automatically forwards all your email from one account to the other - but if you're effectively switching email accounts it can make life much easier if you don't have to login to your old account in order to read and reply to your old emails.

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Good ol' Google have allowed POP both ways for some time.

If you tick Yes, you'll have to enter a name for the old Gmail address, send a verification email to your old address, then login to the old email account to click the verification link or get the verification code from the verification email to enter it in the right box of the new account.

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to Outlook etc for backup (as long as the software can fetch mail by POP or Post Office Protocol), but obviously step B will be different in that case, and I won't go into that any further here.

You won't be able to send email from your new account appearing to be from your old account until you go through the whole verification process." of your new account, it will list the email address of your old account (and any other similar accounts you want to fetch email from).